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Nocturnal Temptation, Unearthly Sensation

Show Night

Main Destination

Set off to new worlds together through a stage where anyone can be themselves, but is otherwise afraid to. Swing on!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the honor and pleasure of us, in Diamonds Productions Events, to present for you the last of the 4 consecutive events. We would like to share with you how we are going to triumphantly mark the end of our first project journey in the middle of Vienna.

The mansion is located in the 17th district, and you have probably heard the stories about the orgies that have happened there. Once again, we turn something, which many thought was a myth, into reality and we are happy to invite you to be a part of it.

The final party of Diamonds Events Production will open doors for 700-guest and will offer absolutely everything you might want and need. For our first exclusive event we opened for you the gardens and the swimming pool lounges. For our second exclusive event we entertain you into our sex-dance-swing ball room, the Devil’s room and we offer the “Devil vs the Horny Nun” sex challenges. Our third event takes place on the 3rd floor of Diamonds Mansion Vila and we party at the VIP Lounges and VIP Rooms. We will throw you off the loop and naturally, will give you a chance for a breather between the different shows and yet again, you will have plenty of time for meeting new friends, get together with old ones, have time for as much sex as you are ready to take and most of all – FUN!

For this last event we open all three floors and the garden for your pleasurable night and unforgettable fun! If you are not already familiar with the concept of our swing-along ride, you can book one of the small parties plus the big final private orgy of 700 selected guests! Don’t forget – The Royal Sex Party of The Year is a one-time event only!

We have designed the whole concept of the string of events so that you can have multiple choices. A variety of precious-jewel tickets has been prepared for you. The time has come to qualify for this life-changing weekend of inspiration, recognition and magical moments. The first 100 guests can purchase their tickets at a special price with 20% discount. The discount is available to all guests till the aforementioned 100 tickets are sold out. Your night starts with a welcoming drink and you are given the opportunity to enjoy an all-inclusive night at the mansion – special Diamonds cocktails, finger food buffet, a 5-course meal, fruit bars, CBD Bars. In case you want to enjoy some of the great champagnes on our special list, those will be charged and added to the bill. All payments are cashed out at reception before you leave. Tickets are sold only online and in advance; few exceptions will be made and only in case of pending availability. Online purchase of tickets is available Tickets are available online Click Here to Buy

Why the Nocturnal Temptation, Unearthly Sensation and what to expect?

The Royal Party of the Year opens on September 25th for the last of the four-event series. Please note that the three main kinds of tickets give you access to different parts of the mansion. The VIP Lounge and Porn Lounge are open just for the holders of Diamond tickets. The Gold tickets give access to the VIP Rooms. The rest of the areas have free access for everyone.

We are going to start the show night with a spectacular fire show program in the gardens. You can enjoy the view from each floor as well as from the terraces. The opening of the main event of this magnificent night will start soon after we close the doors.

Showgirl Candice and Mina Reiter will shake and rock the ballroom. Can we make Madonna horny? The extraordinary erotic show with tons of surprises will be streaming throughout the whole mansion and the lounges. If to you Showgirl Candice is a sweet, dancing, erotic angel, we can’t say the same for Madame M. You must always say “yes” to your Mistress and only then she will fulfill your desire. Some of the guests will have the pleasure of being randomly chosen by her sexy helpers Showgirl Candice and Mina Reiter. What will her command be?

We’ll take a sex-break between the shows. The tour round the Mansion can begin with the erotic rooms on the same floor, or by a walk down the garden for some fresh air and for some enjoyable swim in the hot Jacuzzis and for a drink and some chat in the open-area lounges. You will find the swimming area and the lounges ready to heat you up. You can stroll through the ballroom lounges, the special Devil’s rooms of desire and go back to the next part of the show which will make your body burn.

“The White Angel” and “The Dark Angel”, embodied by two actresses from the hot female dance scene, are coming to us for the viewing pleasure of all our fabulous guests with the two opening shows “Horny Madonna” and “Lucifer and the Fallen Angels.

Semir Alkadi is our other very special guest and his Erotic Burlesque Ballet Akadamus will take us through the classy epos of time. What more can you desire?

Let’s have a party with the stars upstairs into the VIP lounges. What happens there stays there. Dining lounges will be arranged with a special 5-course menu for you. The cherry on top of the cake is the special VIP SEX rooms with no sexual limits before us. Are you curious who the special guest porn stars will be? Stay tuned and the surprises will be uncovered for you very soon.

We are going to welcome you with a glass of Champagne – Moët & Chandon and we hope you go home with memories for life.

Condoms, hygiene cosmetic products and body treatment cosmetics from Rituals will be at your disposal! We encourage good self-hygiene and we kindly ask you after each sexual act to throw everything used in the reusable bins and take a cleaning shower

Erotic Act Photography will be on exhibit during all 4 events. You can purchase any of the exhibits and take home as a memorabilia from this unforgettable night!

Special Guests are Semir Alkadi and Akadamus Ballet. Showgirl Candice – the White Angel and David Rosse – the Fire Devil. Two professional Tantra masseurs are coming especially for you and they will be there for you all night! Mina Reiter, Miss Daisy Diamond, Madam M and Diamonds Production Team Porn Stars.

Parking place: availability for 10 to 20 cars. A parking spot can be reserved only with a pre-booking arrangement with no additional fee. We advise coming by taxi because of safety reasons.
We also provide a VIP limousine pick-up and you can start the sex adventure before everyone else! It’s the feeling of being a real star who parties with porn stars. A Limousine –pick-up service costs 100 euro and will be added to the original price.

What time?

The event will take place between 10 pm and 10 am. Please, be on time – the doors close at 10 pm. In case your transportation is delayed or something comes up and you are late, you need to inform the management in advance.

COVID-19 Safety:

Safety measures will be strictly observed in accordance with the current regulations!  Only fully vaccinated participants and guests with PCR tests, made no longer than 48 hours before the event, will be admitted.

How to Participate:

All participants will go through the approval of the organizers in order to avoid any unpleasantness. Guests should be aware that this is a high-end event and manners matter. We are doing it for the safety and the best comfort of our regular guests and for the sake of securing the promised lifetime experience. A membership program with an offer you can’t refuse will be extended to your attention and will be available for purchase after our final event. The best open-minded couples will get a free membership plan as a compliment for their sexual drive and love for fun and experimenting. What is included in the plan you will find out on 26.08.21!

Diamond Production – Diamonds Events House Rules:

  • 1. You have to be above 18 years of age to attend.
  • 2. Policy of zero tolerance to cameras, selfies and phones in general. All mobile devices will be taken at the reception desk at entering the event and will be given back at leaving the premises. No pictures are allowed from the entrance on.

  • 3. Guests, who arrive intoxicated, are denied access and those who tend to drink too much on the premises, are not served more alcohol than they have already consumed.

  • 4. NO rudeness towards the other guests and the staff is tolerated in any possible way. Mind your manners!

  • 5. If you come in street wear, you will have to strip off your clothes and go naked.

  • 6. “No” means no. Do not push it! If you are rejected, don’t take it personally. Also, it’s the private event’s policy to see that you go home with the person you came with.

  • 7. Self-hygiene is extremely important! Bad personal hygiene will not be tolerated and these people will be asked to take a shower. Otherwise, they will be denied access to the event!

The show program varies every night. You can go for the great food and the show and the magnificent DJ program and no one is forcing you to have sex if you don’t find the right person, but also mind that everyone there goes because they belong to a certain lifestyle and going just to watch is an act of disrespect. You can do that in normal clubs and events. We love sex and we present a way of living one’s sexuality, which not many places offer.

TARGET GROUP: Well-educated participants with a dirty mind. Our doors are wide open for everyone who loves quality lifestyle and knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. The upper age limit for the participants is up to 50 years of age. If you look hot, if you take care of your body, compromises can always be made!

DRESS CODE: Women: A Black or SEXY elegant dress, but without underwear. Gentlemen: elegant, shirt and trousers. All with mask.

Information about registration and prices:
The standard ticket price includes consumption of meals and beverages; access to all parts of the first floor and the garden; usage of Rituals Body Cosmetic, towels etc. The ticket price includes insurance for accidents at the event.

Waiting List, after approval.

Information for registered Guests:
Congratulations! You’ve made the great decision to join The Party of The Year! After reservation, you have a week to purchase the ticket. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled and offered in favour of someone else!

To buy a ticket, Please Click Here

Also, remember you can partake in just one of the three opening parties and to the Final Party! Check the other 3 events and pick the one which best suits your taste!

We are looking forward to seeing you in September and to being together as part of one great lifetime experience! In case you have any other inquiries or request, don’t hesitate to contact us over Joyclub or at

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