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Heavenly sex-trial experience at Paradise Gardens. Play lounges and Jacuzzi-foam orgasms do not even begin to describe the erotic environment of indoor pool splashes, smooth hot oily stones, dining bar lounges and so much more.


Vienna’s glamour is making the Ball floor shimmer, feathers are floating in the air from the sexual fight between the Devil and Evil-Doer – the Nun. Erotic thriller-dance between the Demons’ Dominations inside of us.


Step into a VIP exclusive world with a view to the VIP sex rooms and experience how the VIP guest party. Due to the exceptional and luxurious character of the event, it will stay a mystery tour and a surprise till you enter the VIP Party.


The last glamorous stop of our erotic ride with everything you ever desired. A celebration of sensuality. A night of surprises, beauty, shows, sexual experiences. A night of fulfilled desires.

The Dazzling Diamond Ride

Set off to new worlds together through a stage where anyone can be themselves, but is otherwise afraid to. Swing on!

Dear Fabulously Naughty Friends,
Hot, sassy, sexy summer will soon be gone, but September still offers the best time of year for fun. Before the chill settles in, the parties are wilder and we are all longing for fun, fun, fun, for being together, for pleasure.

We are happy to welcome you to swing on board for a desire ride – a string of four parties. Imagine a crazy train stopping at 4 stops on different dates, with totally different scenery, all leading up to the last dazzling event.

How about coming to us on September 25th? It’s not Friday 13th, but we can still take the devil by the horns! Before that, on September 17th, we are stopping for a Diamond Swim-Swing at Paradise Gardens, on the 18th for a Ballroom Swing-Along of an Unmatched Pleasure Dance Sex Party, on September 24th , for a VIP Lounge Pleasure Treasure Party, and on September 25th for the culmination of the journey: Nocturnal Temptation, Unearthly Sensation – а 700-guest swinger party.

After getting acquainted with what is on offer for the first three smaller parties, you can choose a combination of the big event and one smaller one. The combo tickets are available to high-end party lovers, so do go through the invitations for every single stop of our crazy train ride.

What is exceptional about this sex-party adventure?

Attention! It is a one-time event! Every next party after September will be at a different location, changing themes and places. It will pop up for a night and then magically disappear. This is your chance to hop on for one time only! How wicked is that? An unparalleled escapade! This is why it’s our tremendous pleasure to extend this invitation to you for an exquisite, glamorous chain of brilliant happenings, where luxury will be in abundance! Sex binging till you can’t take any more!

What time? 8 pm to 6 am. Please, come on time. In case your transportation is delayed or something comes up and you are late, you need to inform the management in advance, otherwise you might not be admitted. There are special welcoming events for the guests and we don’t want to make the other guests wait too long. We are also trying to avoid queuing and crowds gathering in front of the venue.

Tickets: Tickets will NOT be sold at the venue. There might be few exceptions, but only with prior arrangement with the organizers. The tickets for each event vary in price range and quantity. Do check the available discounts for each party and what each kind of ticket includes. The ticket also covers an insurance against any contingency including falling and other accidents at the party. Tickets will be sold in advance. With the QR Code, entrance will be easier and faster. In case you decide to come in the last minute, the tickets on the venue will be more expensive. Online purchase of tickets is available through the following platforms:

The Dress Code:

Each party event will have its special dress code. Please, check the information on each event.

What to Expect:

It will be different from any other party event you have been to. The lighting and decoration, the treats, the surprises are surely going to surpass everything you have been wishing for to provoke your courage to be your true self. The place will be the shooting site for several porn movies. How about stepping into the setting and mingling with our special guests – our brilliant porn stars?

COVID-19 Safety: Safety measures will be strictly observed in accordance with the current regulations! Only fully vaccinated participants and people with PCR tests, made no longer than 48 hours before the event, will be admitted. Do respect other people’s safety not only regarding Covid-19!

How to Participate

All participants will go through the approval of the organizers in order to avoid any unpleasantness. Guests should be aware that this is a high-end event and manners matter! Please, go through our list of rules in advance. We are doing it for the safety and the comfort of our regular guests and, hopefully, future members.




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